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School Philosophy

The Family School Philosophy

Family School was created with the fundamental ideals that responsibility for learning is shared by children, teachers and families, and that an effective learning community is based upon mutual respect. 

Family Involvement 
Parents and teachers partnered to create Family School, and this collaboration continues as a unique characteristic of our school. Parents and teachers meet monthly in all-school and classroom forums to discuss issues relevant to the vitality of the school. Families are valued as resources for learning, through sharing their time, interests, and talents.  Every family is encouraged to participate.

Project-Based Thematic Instruction
Children at Family School learn in interactive, student-centered classrooms. Our goal is for the children to experience a strong and well-rounded academic curriculum to facilitate skills for life-long learning. Our reading program combines district-approved curriculum with literature-based materials, and each student is guided to read and respond to books at his or her individual level. Our math program emphasizes learning concepts through the use of manipulatives and developing a variety of problem solving strategies. We supplement our curriculum with original source materials and community resources.

Instruction Tailored to Student’s Developmental Level
Family School teachers recognize children have different styles and rates of learning.  Students work in multi-age classrooms as we believe children of different ages and abilities learn from one other. Children’s ideas are respected and valued.  Teachers design instruction to support student success.

Building Healthy Relationships 
We believe healthy relationships are essential to children’s social and emotional development. We use and teach communication skills that include listening, problem solving, critical and independent thinking, and conflict resolution. Our curriculum emphasizes multicultural perspectives and ecological awareness. Family School is built on a foundation of respect, for which families, teachers and children are equally responsible for building, developing, and maintaining.