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Outdoor School

Outdoor School is a three-day, two-night experience for fourth and fifth graders. Outdoor School is held in the spring, every other year, alternating years with the mentorship program. Many parents join their children at a residential camp near Eugene to learn about and celebrate nature and each other.

Students participate in a variety of experiences such as “Alone in Nature”, where they look, listen, and think about nature. There are small-group classes offered by teachers and parents, differing each year depending on the interests and skills of the adult volunteers. Some classes offered in the past are: how to start, maintain, and put out a fire; bird calling; making pine needle baskets; using a map and compass; shelter building; edible plants; and native stories.

When classes are not in session, there are meals together; campfires; hikes to explore the nearby streams, waterfalls, bogs and trails; games; stories; singing; and some chores. Outdoor school is a learning and bonding time for students.