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Multi-Grade Classrooms
Family School currently has two homerooms combining kindergarten and 1st graders, two homerooms combining 2nd and 3rd graders, and two combining 4th and 5th graders. A child who starts at Family…Read more

Explorations is a daily choice class combining students from first through fifth grade. There are usually six to eight special-interest topics to choose from – allowing for the opportunity of in-depth…Read more

Rainbow Conference
During the fall term, primary (1st through 3rd grade) homerooms study a country or culture in-depth. The Rainbow Conference, usually held during the winter, is a school-wide celebration of the people…Read more

Peer Mediation
Family School’s Peer Mediation program, developed by two Family School parents over fifteen years ago, provides opportunities for students to learn important problem-solving skills. Each year, fourth…Read more

Outdoor School
Outdoor School is a three-day, two-night experience for fourth and fifth graders. Outdoor School is…Read more

Mentorship Program
Every other spring, fourth and fifth graders participate in the Mentorship Program. Each student is paired with an adult mentor to study an area of interest in-depth for six weeks. Mentors can be… Read more

Supporting Students, Supporting Each Other
At Family School, staff and students work together to create the type of supportive learning environment we all value and appreciate. To this end, we created our own behavior support model to reflect…Read more